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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

December 2019/January 2020

Dear Siblings in Christ,

The word “transitional” applies to so much of our lives as we pass from November into December and then into January. As I write we are in the throes of an early cold snap with an Arctic Blast that caused water on the sides of the roads to become solid ice on my way into church this morning, weeks or even a month before normal! The “time” has just changed as we saw an end to Daylight Savings Time, and by the time December rolls around we will be facing the shortest days of the year. Then, as January comes, we will be experiencing incrementally more minutes of daylight again each day.

In the church year, we transition at the beginning of December to Advent, and to a new lectionary cycle, where for most of the year we will hear from the gospel of Matthew, and of course at the end of December, we transition to the short-lived season of Christmas. Finally, in January, another transition as the Day of Epiphany slides by to be followed by the Sundays after Epiphany for the rest of January and most of February. Therefore, in the time-span covered by this newsletter, in our church at least, there is a LOT of transition that will be going on!

What other transitions do we face this time of year? For those with insurance deductibles, January brings a reset. Some of us are facing more serious and lasting transitions as we live into the changes brought by a death in the family, a recent worrisome diagnosis, the ongoing effects of aging and cognitive issues, or changes in our financial outlook, employment, or family. Some of our transitions are joyful – a college acceptance, or new baby expected in the new year, or the reception of a longed-for piece of news, a long-held dream coming true, or a positive change that is coming.

Our faith offers us a perspective that addresses all of the transitions of life: no matter where we are, what we are doing, what we are enduring, what our environment or daily experiences are like, God is with us, and will neither leave us nor forsake us. Through every high and every low, Jesus is with us, living this experience as the embodied grace and mercy of God with us.

In our worship, December brings longing, jubilation and mourning. January brings with it the manifestation of God’s love and light poured out for us in Jesus Christ. It is my sincere hope that as you journey through this season, and all of these transitions and whatever others you may be facing, that the knowledge of the coming of Christ, the love of God incarnate, who is in all and through all will bring you comfort and joy and the assurance of the blessing of God through it all.

Grace and peace now and always,

Pastor Karen +

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